Plastic Bottles

For commercial plastic recycling, Evergreen Fiber Sales is your company’s solution. We accept and recycle a variety of different types of plastics, all of which are listed below.

PET Mixed – PET containers, or post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate, are probably the most common plastic containers involved in commercial plastic recycling. Food and beverage containers made of PET come from residential and commercial plastic recycling and may contain no more than 30% of green tinted bottles. Thermoform containers may be included in this group depending on the agreement between the buyer and seller of the commercial plastic recycling materials.

HDPE Mixed – HDPE containers, or high-density polyethylene, are also commonly used products found in commercial plastic recycling. HDPE is generally used to create durable plastic products, and it can be remade from recycled household plastic containers, such as juice bottles, shampoo containers, and laundry detergent bottles. Wide-mouth containers are disallowed in HDPE mixed commercial plastic recycling, as are motor oil, herbicide, and insecticide bottles.

HDPE Natural – Similar to standard HDPE, these recyclable materials include uncolored, post-consumer #2 containers, such as milk jugs, ammonia bottles, vinegar bottles, and more. No colored containers (including white) or wide-mouth containers are to be included in this grade of commercial plastic recycling materials, and herbicide and insecticide containers are disallowed as well.

Mixed Unsorted 1-7 – For those unwilling or unable to sort residential or commercial plastic recycling containers, this grade includes mostly PET and HDPE bottles and jugs. This grade includes mainly food and beverage containers, along with some household containers, but Mixed Bulky Rigid Plastics must have been removed, and aluminum cans and glass bottles are disallowed from this grade.

Mixed Sorted 3-7 – From both residential and commercial plastic recycling programs, this grade includes mostly leftover plastic from which PET containers, HDPE bottles, and Mixed Bulky Rigid Plastics have been removed. Neither glass bottles, tin cans, nor aluminum cans are allowed in this grade.

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